If you’re one of the many people that experience problems with frizziness, especially over the last few humid months summer has brought us, you may have heard about keratin treatments. Keratin is used as an in-salon smoothing treatment, it’s designed to reduce frizz and smooth hair. Keratin is also known for its ability to add shine, bringing life back to damaged hair in just one session.

While they have been around for quite a while, there are some common misconceptions about the process that can put some people off. Concerns of harmful ingredients and questionable effectiveness of the treatment are the main issues regularly brought up by those considering it.

While there may be some haphazard hair stylists performing keratin treatments with toxic products, this isn’t at all the case for most. Quality ingredients are always fundamentally important for anything that is used on hair and it is important to check that your salon is using products you are happy with before getting started.

Ministry of Hair utilises the innovative “next-generation” Cezanne keratin products to perform our treatments. Known for their commitment to quality and safety, Cezanne has a heavy focus on using exclusively non-toxic ingredients. Free from formaldehyde, Cezanne Keratin Treatments are internationally known for restoring natural shine while improving the overall health and manageability of the hair.

With Cezanne treatments, all the positives of a keratin treatment are possible without exposing yourself to damaging chemicals. With this said, here are the attractive benefits of keratin treatments that have made this product so popular:

Keratin Treatments are Purposed to Smooth All Types of Hair
Regardless of your age, gender or hair type, keratin treatments are able to restore hair to its naturally beautiful condition. The products used are also ideal for coloured hair, meaning that if your locks are damaged due to dye or other factors, you can find solace with a keratin solution.

Keratin Strengthens and Protects
Keratin is a protein that exists naturally in hair already. The treatment process involves ‘infusing’ the product with the hair using a flat-iron. During the treatment, the cuticle is sealed and repaired, locking in the nutrients and protecting hair.

Long-Lasting Results are Possible
A quality keratin treatment can last up to two months with the proper aftercare making it a long-lasting solution for damaged hair. After the process, it’s best to wait a few days to ensure maximum results and longevity. This means no washing, blow-drying or tying your hair up.

Ministry of Hair’s Keratin Treatments are Free of Toxic Ingredients
As mentioned, Ministry of Hair are committed to the best results for our clients which is why we stick to using only keratin treatments that are free from potentially harmful ingredients. Cezanne products are our solution of choice and have proved extremely effective for our Auckland clients.

If you’d like to find out more about the Keratin Treatments we offer, feel free to get in touch with us with any questions you may have.