We love colouring. It’s one of the most exciting aspects of hair styling. We cover everything from fashionable new looks right through to natural colour enhancement to suit your skin tone and over all look.

Balyage, Ombre and foiling are just some of the options that are available to our clients. Because there are so many ways in which we can colour your hair it is vital that we assess your needs, desires, and take into consideration your budget enabling our stylists to create the very best colour that matches every aspect of our consultation perfectly.

Our clients have been very kind over the years and have written some wonderful reviews, it is hard to find the right salon, so we invite you to research a little deeper, perhaps read our reviews or take a look at our work.

If it’s your first time with us, we like to spend as much time as we can with you to enable us to do a thorough assessment of your hair, and discover what it is that you want to achieve.

If you are one of our many regular clients, then we will continue to offer you our partnership, so that you can achieve the very best hair colour possible, matching it with your schedule, your budget and your changing needs.

What type of colour will work best for you?

Here are a few ideas that are available at our salon. Colour is such a creative aspect of our work but it is also where chemistry is involved. In our salon we are lucky enough to have Master colourists within our team, they are available to sit in on any consultation if needed.

Because there are so many variations of colour our team will often work together sharing views and ideas to come up with the best colour option for you as a client.

Our stylists have dedicated years of training and can offer you expert advice and superior results.
When booking a colour in with one of team please be aware that we will be asking you as many questions as possible to assess which stylist would be best suited. Colour is creative work and each stylist has their areas of expertise.

Christopher and Hester are our most experienced colourists taking care of the most complex pieces of work together.


A freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than foiling or cap highlighting to achieve a more natural look and feel.

Balayage is one colour that is incredibly individual, no two balayage colours are the same as it is designed with you in mind. Balayage can be complicated or not depending on your desires and your existing colour, this is why an indepth consultation is so beneficial. We have created soft natural balayage from $120.00 up to $250.00, this is why it is important for us to understand your budget as we will design the very best colour that not only looks great on you but most importantly fits your budget.

Although it can be used with even the shortest pixie crop, Balayage is a good choice if you have long hair and want to play around with seasonal shade changes without stripping the previous colour from your hair each time.


Ombre is when your hair gradually fades from dark to light, or vice versa, as opposed to the colour starting from the root. This colour technique tends to change the overall colour of your mid lengths and ends. Keeping the colour away from the root area allows for minimal regrowth but high impact change to the overall look of your hair.



Once quite a generic colouring approach which was chosen to create an all-over enhancement to your natural hair colour, now has become a useful way to incorporate many different shading/fashion shades from blondes through to copper brunette. We use them to create features or blending when we must keep colours separate.



This technique is used to create softness to an all-over colour. If you have a solid colour from root to tip, you can still retain your hair’s texture, depth and shading, this colour technique is used to enhance what you naturally have without generating high maintenance.

Another good reason to use this is to cover any grey but keep your hair colour looking natural. We find that many of our gentleman clients prefer this option of colour service, as it is so gentle and natural leaving minimal regrowth or done in a way that leaves no regrowth,


This can be serious, and should be carefully assessed by a colour expert. We will only book correctional colour in with one of our most senior stylist who have completed technical advanced colour training.

if you have been unfortunate enough to have had your hair ruined or simply a colour that has not worked out the way you expected then we would love to take care of you.

The variations are broad and the potential complications are many. That’s exactly why all correctional treatments are taken care of by our most senior stylists. We make sure you’re fully aware of the process and your available options, this includes talking openly with you about the cost to create your desired result.

With correctional colour work we would like to have you come in for a consultation first, this allowing us to fully assess every aspect of your hair and desired result.

Christopher has completed his advanced colour to expert level, this is the highest level of colour training available, if you hair is in serious trouble then we recommend booking in with either himself or Hester ‘the salon owner’


When it comes to that stage in life, you can come in for a chat with our stylists, who know a thing or two about hiding grey hair. Over time, we can even evolve your look to suit you as your regrowth gradually gets lighter. Everyone likes to look a bit younger rather than older. Sadly grey hair around our face can drain the colour from our complexion. We have designed many ways to deal with this, from combing on colour to blend the grey hair right through to complete coverage. At the end of the day the best colour for you will be the one that suits your budget and your schedule. We always aim to give you the very best colour to match your budget and schedule.

GROWING OUT…..Can be difficult!

Planning to grow out your old colour but cannot stand the line of regrowth? We would suggest coming in for an obligation free consultation with one of our team. We can offer you many solutions and options to manage this process so that your hair still looks fabulous through the time of growing your colour out.



It’s heart-breaking to see over-processed or damaged hair because of poor workmanship or a lack of experience. Come to us and we’ll make it our mission to remedy your hair’s colour and condition. We’re very honest in our approach and always sure to manage your expectations. But you can be assured we’re very experienced in the colour arena and will give you the best service and support we can during this stressful time.