Color, Shine & Vitality From La Biosthétique – A Vast Colour Pallete

Designed by bio-chemists for hyper-vibrancy and refined by dermatologists for extreme scalp care, La Biosthetique Tint and Tone Advanced Colour System gives salon professionals the world’s first complete care suite, or the Colour Care Ritual. Powered by aloe vera, camomile, coconut oil and japanese berries, this colour care system ensures our clients that their hair is being treated with the highest level of quality that we as a salon could use.

Care & Protect

Gentle on sensitive scalps and nourishing to hair, our formulations of concentrated natural ingredients give your clients irritation-free colour care. Science meets nature, for the most beautiful, natural results.

Our Color Policy

All clients booked in for a colour service at Ministry of Hair are required to receive a 15-minute consultation (valued at $50) prior to the treatment. This consultation is to assess the current condition of the hair and to plan for the best-desired process.  The cost will be deducted from the final price of the colour service once completed, however, if the client cancels or doesn’t show up for the appointment, the charge will cover the cancellation fee.

For all online color bookings, credit card details are required. 
Please feel free to get in touch with the Ministry of Hair team if you have any questions.

Highlights without bleach

Ministry of Hair does not do bleached foils. MOH offers high lift high lights with color, not bleach using La Biosthetique.

Do you know what’s in your colour?

La Biosthetique colour care is full of natural ingredients that are chosen for their bio-mimetic qualities, meaning they mimic our own bio-chemistry. Our hair and skin harmonise with natural properties in organic ingredients for healthy, nourished beauty.




  • Colour Products


    Colour conditioner, vibrant shine and deep conditioner in one step perfect to refresh your colour in the comfort and convenience of your own home.
    Glam Color Advanced is an innovative, easy-to-apply product that takes just three minutes to give hair colour and conditioning at the same time. The direct dyes of Glam Color Advanced are attracted to the hair like a magnet and deeply penetrate the hair where they securely attach themselves. Your hair will shine with vibrant, glossy and long-lasting shades.


    Long-lasting and vibrant colour is worth looking after, this is why we recommend that our clients look after their colour with The Protection Couleur range of products.
    Heat, UV damage, salt and chlorinated water can turn vibrant hair dull and brassy. Protection Couleur gives your hair enhanced brilliance and colour protection. Available for fine or normal/thick hair, the range also includes pigmented shampoos and conditioner for warm and cool blondes and brunettes. The hair colour is proved to stay up to 73% longer.