Cut and Style

For the Man who cares about his look, but has no time. With our gents, we offer different types of cut and style services.

The Inner city express cut and style

We understand that for some spending more than half an hour on your hair simply does not work. Bearing this in mind we offer a service like a top Barber. We save time by doing a dry cut without the pressure point scalp massage and wash, we do not scrimp on the service nor the result, we just remove all the extra’s that take up too much of your time.

The executive ‘time out’ wash cut and finish

For the discerning Gent who has a bit of time on his side, this service provides full consultation followed by a relaxing hair wash and head massage. Once your style is complete we will rinse away all those fine bits of hair which can be annoying and embarrassing if left around your neck. We will always style your hair so that you are ready to go back to work looking your very best.

Big change ‘time out’ wash cut and finish

For the Gentleman who needs a change of look, we spend an hour with you reevaluate everything about your hair and the look that you want to achieve. This service includes hair wash, head massage, rinse and style the difference with service is that we spend an hour with you, which is essential when dramatically changing your style.

Wash, Cut and Finish45 min$65.00
Wash Restyle and finish60 min$95.00
Dry cut and style (no wash)30 min$50.00
Pressure point scalp massage10 min$10.00