The Ministry of Hair Team

Seasoned and talented, our director level stylists sport at least a decade of industry experience. Supported by a strong passion and love for hair, the Ministry of Hair team create exceptional looks every day.

Employing the highest level hairdressers, Ministry of Hair are dedicated to matching you with the best stylist to suit your hair and character. We firmly believe that just choosing the right salon isn’t enough, our goal is to place you with the perfect stylist for your needs. Along with our talented full-time staff, we frequently partner with guests stylists from around the globe. Our guests bring fresh and unique techniques, allowing us to constantly offer different approaches to achieving outstanding hair.

Simply email us with your hair story (include your age, career and hair type) and we’ll select your match from our dedicated team, based on what you’ve told us.



Hester understands hair and fashion, that’s what over twenty years in the industry gives you.

Working with people and their Hair is a privilege, the trust and confidence that people put in the hands of their Hairdresser is huge. Hester has been in this industry for over 20 years now, she established Ministry of Hair in 2007, knowing what a privilege it is to be trusted by her clients is exactly why she continues to work within the salon full time.
Employing stylists to work alongside her that possess ‘heart and soul’ hairdressing and a minimum of 8 years industry experience is why Ministry of Hair is what it is today. Her team is an expression of her standards and passion which is a dream come true.
When Hester is working on the floor she excels with challenging hair; hair with personality, whether you have fine, curly or simply unruly hair, Hester manages to understand what is needed, bringing out the best she can to make your life easier with whatever hair headache you may have.

I love it when clients come in suffering from what I call ‘Hair Depression’ and they leave with giving me a hug, that’s why I still cut and colour hair after 28years… it is the joy of my career