We have a range of specialised treatments to remedy many different hair and scalp issues. If you have any issues with your scalp we recommend you book in for a complimentary scalp analysis. These take 10 minutes and give us the insights we need to prescribe the very best treatment.

We cannot cut the hair after a Keratin service as the hair needs time to settle after the service is done, we recommend booking a cut 2 days after the Keratin service is done.

Clarifiant Epicelan Scalp Treatment 

Clarifiant Epicelan scalp treatment designed to gently exfoliate a scaly or oily scalp, a congested and irritated by Auckland’s humidity
A ten-minute service which includes a clarifiant shampoo and followed by a 5-minute hydration masque leaving the hair free and fresh and ready for summer sunshine..

STYLING (Blow dry not included)TIMEVALUE
PCC Hydrating Luxury mask for dry hair ( short)15 min$65.00
PCC Hydrating Luxury mask for dry hair (medium -long) 15 minFrom $85.00-$125.00
Keratin Cezanne smoothing treatment short hair (Above collar)60 minFrom $250.00
Keratin Cezanne smoothing treatment medium to shoulders 75 minFrom $350.00
Keratin smoothing treatment long (over shoulders)90 minFrom $450.00
Keratin smoothing treatment , very long (down back) 90 minFrom $550.00
Olaplex mask (short hair)15 min$50.00
Olaplex mask(medium/long hair)15 min$85.00
Olaplex mask (extra-long or thick)15 min$100.00