We have a range of specialised treatments to remedy many different hair and scalp issues. If you have any issues with your scalp we recommend you book in for a complimentary scalp analysis. These take 10 minutes and give us the insights we need to prescribe the very best treatment.

Clarifiant Epicelan Scalp Treatment 

Clarifiant Epicelan scalp treatment designed to gently exfoliate a scaly or oily scalp, a congested and irritated by Auckland’s humidity
A ten-minute service which includes a clarifiant shampoo and followed by a 5-minute hydration masque leaving the hair free and fresh and ready for summer sunshine..

STYLING (Blow dry not included)TIMEVALUE
Clarifiant Epicelan Scalp Service 10 min$70.00
Dry hair hydration repair (short hair)15 min$45.00
Dry hair hydration repair, (medium-long, thick hair)15 min$80.00
PCC Luxury mask for dry hair(short hair)15 min$65.00
PCC Luxury mask for dry hair, Long hair extreme thick15 min$85.00
PCC Luxury Mask dry hair(long, thick hair) From $85.00-$125.00
Keratin smoothing treatment (short hair)60 minFrom $250.00
Keratin smoothing treatment (Medium to shoulder)
75 minFrom $350.00
Keratin smoothing treatment (Long hair over shoulder) 90 minFrom $450
Olaplex Treatment 15 min$50.00
Oraplex mask (short hair)15 min$65.00
Oraplex mask(medium/long hair)15 min$80.00
Oraplex complex system serum treatment, plus mask (short hair)15 min$90.00
Oraplex complex system serum treatment, plus mask (medium/long hair)15 min$105.00