Blowout Hair

When was the last time you walked out of a salon feeling glamorous, pampered and beautiful? Or received a random unprovoked compliment from a stranger? …Be prepared after your Ministry visit!
Introducing Kane our latest up and coming talent 6 years’ experience

Kane’s Blow Wave (Short/Medium Hair)40 min$50.00
Kane’s Blow Wave (Long Hair) (extra long may be priced accordingly)45 min$65.00
Blow Wave and Straighten
(extra long may be priced accordingly)
60 min$85.00
Blow Wave and Big Curls
(extra long may be priced accordingly)
60 min$95.00
Straighten/Big Curls (no wash and blow wave)30 min$45.00
Blow Wave with Colour (extra long may be priced accordingly)20 min$40.00