Cut and Style

We start by asking you the right questions; questions about your lifestyle; How much time do you really have; what looks do you need to achieve; Do you enjoy the ritual of doing your hair…or not?

We undertake an in depth analysis of your hair health, movement; texture, skin texture, skin tone, your features and your face shape…We listen carefully… then test your hair and scalp for PH and condition.

Our Services

  • Consultation being the key, whether this is your first visit or your 20th we will always do a consultation. Life changes we understand this and therefore it is incredibly important to take our time to evaluate what’s working with your hair and what’s not working about your hair. Budgets and schedules change, the amount of time and money that you could spend on your hair last year many not be the same today, these are just few areas that we consider.
  • A great haircut is not necessarily the haircut that walks out our door looking perfect, a great haircut is rather defined by how it looks once you have styled it, how does it look in 6 weeks? Have you been able to manage it with the time and skills you have?
  • We like to teach and educate our clients on how they themselves can style their hair because if the only time your style looked great was when you left our salon, “we have failed” so what we offer all our clients is to give them as many of our industry secrets as we possibly can so they can manage their hair with ease.
  • Profiling is a skill that is learnt over many years, newly graduated stylists simply have not worked on enough heads of hair to gain this skill. At Ministry of Hair our team of advanced stylists analyze face shapes, bone structure, complexion, and only after they have done this can they work with you to discover a truly exception style that has you looking great.
  • Our team will be honest with you and let you know if they believe your current style is not working well. They will be respectful but truthful. Because we work so closely as a team our clients get the benefit of different opinions, we all feel confident and happy to bring in second and sometimes third opinions from each other to broaden the possibilities in designing your look.

Introducing Kane our latest up and coming talent 6 years’ experience

Cut and Blow Wave with Kane75 min$90.00
Restyle with Kane 90 min$110.00
Wet or Dry cut 45 min$75.00